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Across the pond

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Nibweb member Lionel Bender has for some time been concerned about just how much more notice is taken of non-fiction in the US than in the UK. He – like all of us – would like to see the profile of children’s nonfiction raised this side of the water.

His partnership, Bender Richardson White, recently produced National Geographic’s Ultimate Globetrotting World Atlas and Quiz Whiz 4 titles. He is currently working on four more titles for National Geographic. BRW recently produced ‘The Economics of Entertainment’ series for Crabtree of New York, with Nibweb member, Simon Adams, as editor. Lionel and Simon are currently working on a new series for Crabtree.


Future plans

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Lionel Bender (see ‘Across the pond’) is planning the 2015 21st Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference, to be held near New York City, June 12-14. Nibweb members are most welcome: the conference provides are opportunities for UK writers and illustrators to find freelance work with US publishers.

The NF conference:

Latest news 19 May:

More about that conference here …

The Danger Zone

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Ian Graham, another Nibweb member, was shortlisted for the 2014 ALCS children’s nonfiction prize, for ‘The Danger Zone: Avoid Being Sir Isaac Newton!’

At a ceremony held in the House of Commons on 2 December, Ian’s book was described as being ‘A fascinating look at the man behind the theories of gravity, optics and calculus – tantrums, heresy, warts and all.’

The winner was ‘The World in Infographics: Animal Kingdom’, by Jon Richards and Ed Simkins (Wayland).

‘The Danger Zone: Avoid being Sir Isaac Newton!’ – author: Ian Graham, Illustrator: David Antram (Book House)

Seeing is believing?

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Nibweb member Clive Gifford is the 2014 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize winner (announced on 17 November). ‘Eyebenders’ uses optical illusions ‘to explain the science behind how they work and how they trick your brain. More than 1000 young people voted for Clive’s book, from a shortlist of six titles. Writing for the Royal Society’s blog, Clive says: ‘The Royal Society is a byword for scientific excellence …. Being associated in any small way with such an august institution is a phenomenal honour.’

He adds: ‘I firmly believe that the best children’s information books can be as exciting, atmospheric and provoking as any novel or movie. Good science writing … can act as a crucial window onto the world … It can … generate interest which may turn into a lifelong passion.‘

Nibweb member Clive Gifford receives the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize.

© Andy Lane/The Royal Society