NIBWEB (Network for Information Book Writers and Editors in Britain) was formed around 10 years ago. This is our shop window – designed to help publishers and other clients to find authors. Here’s a list of some of our members, with websites and email addresses to help you get in touch (scroll down for more). Or use our CONTACT page to send a message to the whole group.

Help us to help you …

The following is a list of some (but not all) of the members of Nibweb. It’s quite a long list – so it’s worth scrolling down to the end when you’re looking for a writer and, if you still can’t find the kind of person you’re looking for, send a general email to the website (see the ‘Contact us’ page) and we’ll pass it on to everyone in the group.

At the very end of this page, we have included some helpful hints for commissioners. If you’re an old hand, you won’t need to read them, but we hope they’ll be useful to anyone who hasn’t much experience of commissioning non-fiction.

Adams, Simon

Simon Adams is a long-standing author of children’s reference, education and entertainment books, specialising in history, politics, world affairs, exploration and biography. He has written for Dorling Kindersley, Franklin Watts, Carlton, QED, the Discovery Channel, Kingfisher and OUP, among many other publishers.,

Alexander, Jenny

Jenny Alexander has written eight funny self-help books for children about topics such as bullying, stress and self-esteem; one unfunny self-help book for parents about bullying, and books for both children and adults about creative writing, which she also teaches. Her other published works include two trade-published fiction series for children, one YA novel and about a hundred fiction and non-fiction titles for educational publishers, ranging across the primary curriculum. She has also written articles for Mslexia, The Author, Writers’ Forum, Junior Education, Children and Young People Now and various regional publications, and she blogs about creative dreaming and writing here:

Bender, Lionel

Lionel Bender is a freelance author and editor (often working with Nibweb members). He is the Editorial Partner and Co-Founder of book packager Bender Richardson White (BRW), producing illustrated information books and educational materials (currently, exclusively for North America). Lionel often speaks to authors’ organisations (e.g SCBWI and Children’s Book Circle) about children’s nonfiction publishing. In June 2013, he initiated and helped organise the first annual 21st Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference in the USA. BRW:

Bingham, Janet

Janet Bingham writes children’s books, from picture books to nonfiction, and has written a number of illustrated nonfiction books within the Lexile reading framework, for Scholastic Education International’s Everyday Book Box. She has also ghost-written fourteen middle grade adventure stories for a book packager. As a Zoology graduate and avid nature-watcher, she is happiest writing nonfiction about the natural world, environment and evolution. With a previous career as a technical editor specialising in chemical business information, Janet also offers proofreading and editing services. Website: Email:

Butterfield, Moira

Moira Butterfield is the author of books on wide-ranging non-fiction topics as well as practical books and fiction. She is particularly strong working with visually complicated or lively design-led projects. Her work covers all ages from under-5s, 5-7 year olds or 7-12 year olds. She is especially well-known for history and natural history, and for taking on projects which mix non-fiction, practical projects and even fiction. For a more information, visit Contact

Anna Claybourne

I’m an experienced and award-winning children’s writer. I’ve published more than 300 books, specialising in science and other non-fiction, but also including rhyming stories for preschoolers, and retellings of myths, folklore and Shakespeare’s plays. I’m especially interested in experiment, maker and activity books, art and design, and I love to write funny, comic-strip style books. I’ve worked with a wide range of publishers and I’m skilled at developing and following series styles, liaising with designers and artists, and working to deadlines. Besides writing, I have experience in project-managing, copy-editing and proofing, picture research, website design and content, and Adobe InDesign:

Collins, Tim

Tim Collins has written over 90 works of non-fiction and fiction since 2005, for publishers including Michael O’Mara, Salariya, Little Brown, Simon and Schuster, Lonely Planet and Badger Learning. He has written on topics such as history, science, geography, technology and popular culture. He has covered all age ranges from 6 to adult, has written extensively for reluctant readers, and also has experience in ghost-writing. He has won several awards in the UK and Germany. Contact: Website:

Corzine, Amy

Amy Corzine writes non-fiction, fiction, poetry and screenplays. She also ghost-writes and has been a writing consultant, editor, copy editor, proof reader and script reader. See her website: or contact her via the Society of Authors.

Douglas, Ian

Ian Douglas is an author, journalist and teacher. He writes non-fiction for children with an emphasis on British history and visits schools with his History Road Show. This includes fun, interactive activities, storytelling and creative writing workshops. Ian is also a fiction author for children, including the Zeke Hailey series of sci-fi adventures for mid-grade. Find out more about Zeke’s escapades on Mars at . Ian is the writer behind the Snowpo the Bear iTune apps for early readers and his writing has been exhibited at London’s Museum of Childhood. He also scripts graphic stories and computer games. Website: email:

Ganeri, Anita

Anita Ganeri is an award-winning author of children’s information books, specialising in geography, religion and natural history. She has written the best-selling ‘Horrible Geography’ series for Scholastic Children’s Books. The title ‘Planet in Peril’ won the Blue Peter Book Award for the Best Book with Facts in 2009. Anita is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and, in 2010, was awarded the Tivy Education Medal by the Royal Scottish Geographical Society for an outstanding contribution to geographical education. Website: Contact:

Green, Dr Jen

I’m a highly experienced writer of non-fiction, e-books and audiobooks, mainly for children for trade and school/library markets, and also adult reference. I have over 350 books in print: mainly on history, geography, nature and environment; also on science, social issues, biography, survival and the arts. Much of my writing is for 7-11s (KS2), but I’ve also written for under-7s (KS1) and 11-14s (KS3). Publishers include Dorling Kindersley, Watts, Wayland, Quarto, National Geographic, Harcourt/Raintree, Grolier and Lorenz. I undertake editorial, website consultancy and series development. (Full list of published titles available.) Contact:

Head, Honor

Author of children’s non-fiction from encyclopedias to interactive game and puzzle books. Honor writes on a wide range of subjects including  self-help books dealing with social and mental health issues such as bullying, sexual and gender identity, self-acceptance and family and peer group pressures. She writes for ages pre-school to 12.  She can write to a brief or develop ideas. She also offers a full range of editing and packaging services having spent the first half of her career working in-house for various publishers up to Editorial Director level. Contact: and

Knowles, Laura

Laura Knowles has worked in children’s publishing for over 15 years and has written board books, picture books and illustrated non-fiction, both in verse and prose, which have been translated into 11 languages. She is the author of several titles, including It Starts with a Seed, winner of the 2017 Margaret Mallett Award for Children’s Non-fiction and  A Friend to Nature, long-listed for the James Cropper Wainwright Prize 2023. Her love of natural history has drawn her to write predominantly about animals and nature, though she has also written on topics as diverse as Halloween and flags of the world. Laura’s years working as an editor and associate publisher have given her a breadth of experience on all core topics for preschool to age 11 as well as an excellent grasp of how text and illustration can interact to best effect. Laura also offers copyediting, proofreading and project management services. Website:  Contact:


Leach, Dr Michael

Dr Michael Leach has written 30 books on wildlife and the natural world. He spent six years as a cameraman, filming more than 100 natural history documentaries for the BBC and Independent TV. A highly experienced field naturalist he has worked with animals on all seven continents. His books cover subjects from apes to big cats and field guides to encyclopaedias: these have been translated into 12 languages. Publishers include Random House, Arcturus, Firefly, Blandford, Hatchette and A & C Black. Michael writes for both children and adults, often illustrating the text with his own wildlife photographs. He is a regular at schools around the world, as visiting author or contributing to Science Week, Environmental week, World Book days etc. Website: Contact:

Levesley, Mark

Mark Levesley is a science textbook author, working primarily on books that match the specifications of the UK National Curriculum. He is a biochemist by training, and writes biology and chemistry content as well as working as series editor for some of the UK’s most successful courses used in lower secondary education (11 – 16 year olds). These include Exploring Science (now in its fourth edition), GCSE courses for all three ‘awarding bodies’ in England (Edexcel, AQA, OCR) and books focusing on the mathematical and literacy skills needed in science. He is published by Pearson, Hodder Education and HarperCollins. Website: Contact:

Lland, Dr Meriel

Dr  Meriel Lland is a non-fiction author, photographer, film-artist and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University.  She writes about the natural world and how the natural world
 and humans interact. Meriel works with children and community groups internationally and is fascinated by biophilia and wellbeing. She’s been published by Arcturus, QED, Liverpool University Press, Macmillan, Firefly and translated into 10+ languages.  Recent journalism includes copy for BBC Wildlife, Birdwatching, Le Monde Des Animaux and BBC CountryFile. Meriel’s travelled to all seven continents in search of stories and is passionate about engaging hearts and minds in discovery of our world. Other areas of expertise include gender, identity, art history, self-portraiture, film and popular culture.
Website:  Contact:

Loughrey, Anita

Anita Loughrey writes children’s fiction and non-fiction for ages 2 -14 years. She has an educational background and extensive knowledge of the national curriculum. Her specialisms include primary science and technology, history, mythology, fairy tales, banded reading scheme books and writing for reluctant and struggling readers. She has over seventy-five books published with a wide variety of publishers and toy companies, under her own name and the pseudonym Cathy West. Anita teaches ‘Writing for Children’ workshops to adults at a variety of residential courses. She also has a regular column in the national magazine, Writers’ Forum, about authors’ research secrets.

McBrien, Thomas

Tom McBrien is a bestselling author and editor who specialises in children’s fiction and nonfiction, license, gaming and annuals. He has written on a wide variety of subjects, including the natural world, history, space and video games, and has produced several bestsellers for global and national brands such as Minecraft, Beano and London’s Natural History Museum, among others. His title ‘Epic Bases’ won the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award for License 2021. Contact:

Martin, Claudia

Claudia Martin is an author, web writer and project editor. Recent books as an author include ‘Malala Yousafzai’ and ‘Tim Berners-Lee’ in the ‘Inspirational Lives’ series (Wayland, 2015), ‘My Little Book of Volcanoes and Earthquakes’ (QED, 2015) and ‘The Indus Valley’ and ‘Early Islamic Civilization’ (Wayland, 2014). Work on the web includes geography, history, current affairs and science articles for, the online children’s encyclopaedia. Claudia is an experienced editor and project manager of both children’s and adults’ non-fiction. Please contact at

Morris, Neil

Neil is an experienced writer of information books, and his published work covers a wide range of themes, from simple guides to complex encyclopaedias. He also offers the following services: editing, proofreading, and fact-checking; German–English translation; and compiling, editing, and proofreading dictionaries. Website:

Nicholson, Sue

Sue Nicholson writes children’s fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Her titles range from board books, preschool activity books and stories to highly illustrated information books. Sue specialises in history and natural history and loves working on titles that combine information with activities (crafts and things to do), especially for younger readers. She’s also experienced at working with popular licensed character brands. Clients include Dorling Kindersley, Ladybird, Miles Kelly, Macmillan, Quarto, Scholastic, Timbuktu (Rebel Girls) and Warne. An experienced editor with in-house commissioning experience, Sue also offers proofreading and editorial services. Email: Website:

Parker, Steve

Steve is the author, editor or consultant of more than 300 books and 100 websites in the areas of nature and science. His workshops and other events are hosted in schools, libraries, bookstores and similar centres, usually as part of a book week, literacy programme or science celebration. Latest titles include A Journey Through … Space, The Body, etc.  a charming series for younger readers with acclaimed illustrator John Haslam. For older readers, Kill or Cure: An Illustrated History of Medicine achieved the New York Times Bestseller Top 10 2014 and received the British Medical Association Book Award 2014. The recent eight-title Animal Diaries series in particular is ideal for primary school events. Travel to most parts of the UK is no problem, after all, it broadens the mind. Website:

Philip, Claire

A freelance children’s writer and editor, Claire is available for concept development as well as writing work. She particularly loves writing board books, picture books, activity books and young non-fiction. She specialises in titles that promote inclusion, emotional literacy, mindfulness and wellbeing for kids, as well as nature and popular science. Clients include: Miles Kelly, HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Arcturus, Tiny & Tim, Templar and Bonnier. Email | Website

Rooney, Anne

Anne Rooney writes non-fiction for children and adults, and fiction for children. She specialises in science and technology, and philosophy/ethics, and also in books for less confident readers (lower reading age than chronological age). She has published around 200 books with a wide variety of publishers. Originally a medievalist, she is also happy to write about literature and history. She is Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge and Chair of the Educational Writers Group of the Society of Authors. Website: email:

Ross, Stewart

Prize-winning author Stewart Ross taught in various countries before, inspired by his great-grandfather, a vast Scotsman with a spreading beard, becoming a full-time author in 1989. He has written some 270 books, fiction and non-fiction, for children and adults, plays and lyrics and other bits and pieces, and teaches writing in England and France. Stewart lives near Canterbury with his wife, four occasional children and an ageing sheepdog. He commutes daily to work in a large hut in the garden. Website:

Routh, Kristina

Dr Kristina Routh is a medical doctor and freelance non-fiction writer, medical consultant and editor. She has written six health-related books for teenagers as well as several hundred popular articles on all aspects of health and the human body. Kristina also provides a wide range of medical consultancy for publishers – from initial concepts through to final fact-checking of text and illustrations. Current and previous clients include include Heinemann, Usborne Publishing, Miles Kelly, Midsummer Books and TickTock Media. Please contact Kristina via her website:

Seed, Andy

Andy Seed is a writer of a number of successful non-fiction series for both children and adults. He specialises in mixing humour with facts and in 2015 won the Blue Peter Book Award (best Book with Facts) for one of his Bloomsbury titles. Andy is a former teacher and educational consultant who has written extensively for organisations, companies and government bodies including BBC, Google, Boots, DTI, NSPCC, The Premier League and BP. Andy has worked with many of the UK’s leading publishers and has written over 40 books which bring subjects alive from Science to Sport and Natural History.

Senker, Cath

Cath Senker is the award-winning author of more than 160 children’s non-fiction books. Specialising in modern history, her titles include ‘The Dalai Lama’ (Wayland, 2016), ‘Ancient Egypt in 30 Seconds (Ivy Press, 2015) and ‘Who Travelled the Underground Railroad?’ (Raintree, 2013). She has a keen interest in global issues such as the environment and migration. Cath won the 2018 Educational Writers’ Award for her title ‘Far From Home: Refugees and Migrants Fleeing War, Persecution and Poverty’. In her writing, Cath always aims to highlight individuals’ experiences and to present different viewpoints in a non-judgemental way. Website:

Snedden, Robert

Robert Snedden has worked in publishing for over thirty years as an editor and writer. He is an insatiable autodidact in the grand Scottish tradition and delights in learning new things, particularly concerning science, and in passing on that knowledge via the books he writes. His books for children and young adults have so far ranged across such diverse topics as medical ethics, space exploration and the technology of ancient civilisations. When not stuck in front of the computer he is generally to be found whipping up something or other in the kitchen or talking nonsense with anyone daft enough to listen. Email:

Steele, Philip

I write lively and accurate children’s non-fiction for all age groups, for schools, libraries, general trade and international markets. I have worked on all sides of publishing for many years and know the score. I enjoy planning, visualisation, research, consultancy. My main subject areas include history; lands, peoples and cultures; junior biography; current affairs; social issues; geography; and the natural world. Clients include: Wayland, Franklin Watts, Carlton, Quarto Children’s, Talltree, Macmillan Children’s, Dorling Kindersley, Templar, Miles Kelly, Discovery, Walker Books, Harper Collins. I also write adult non-fiction, chiefly relating to North Wales. Website:

Townsend, John

John Townsend has taught in primary and secondary schools, and is experienced in engaging children with reading and writing (often via the weird and wonderful). He specialises in books for reluctant readers. John regularly visits schools and libraries to encourage interest in books, stories and fascinating information. He has written over 200 books (many non-fiction) for young people on history, geography, science, natural history, medicine, crime and more. The Literacy Trust includes him among their ‘Author Reading Champions’:

Vaughan, Jenny

I’ve written for children of all ages on subjects ranging from juvenile crime, press freedom, genetics, evolution and the weather, along with broadcasting support material (mostly for adults) for the BBC and Channel 4. My experience has also included editing and writing social studies books, books about health education (HIV and AIDS) and reading books for African schools. I currently edit The Zimbabwe Review, the journal of the Britain-Zimbabwe Society. For more information, see

Walton, Ruth

Ruth is an author and illustrator specialising in non-fiction books for children. She has written and illustrated seven books, with a focus on where things come from and how things are made. Ruth has a particular interest in teaching children about ethical issues. Her latest book is ‘Juliana’s Bananas’ (published by New Internationalist), which explores issues of food production and fair trade through the story of a family in the Windward Islands. Ruth studied design and illustration at Bath Spa University College and Brighton University. Her colourful scrapbook style of design combines collaged illustrations with quirky typography. Website:

Wilkinson, Philip

Philip Wilkinson writes for children and adults, and has produced a wide range of publications from simple guides to encyclopedias, from retellings of myths and legends to TV tie-ins. He covers a wide range of subjects including history, art, architecture, religion, mythology, and biography. His work has been published by Dorling Kindersley, Quarto, Scholastic, Carlton, Kingfisher, Templar, Franklin Watts, and OUP, among others. For more information, see: or email

Brian Williams

Brian has written well over 200 books, web scripts and TV quizzes, as well as providing consultancy for UK and US publishers, the BBC and others.   Grounded in encyclopaedic experience (including editing for Britannica and World Book), Brian’s books for young readers and adults include biography, history, heritage guides, aviation, and military; recent work includes children’s books on the world wars, a big book about generals, the love life of Queen Victoria, and for 2023 the life story of Queen Elizabeth II.   He often co-authors with Brenda Williams, and also writes fiction, including a thriller series set in the 1940s.  Contact: And visit the Williams website:

Wong Nava, Eva

Eva Wong Nava was born on a tropical island where a merlion spurts water. Her ancestors braved monsoon winds sailing to British Malaya to plant roots in Southeast Asia. When the winds changed, they sailed again and found another home somewhere in the western hemisphere. She combines a degree in English Literature and Art History, and writes stories that explore identity, culture and belonging. She has written an award-winning middle-grade novel, weaving history and fiction, and several fiction and nonfiction picture books. She has written articles on art and art history, which have been published in several magazines. Eva is a sensitivity reader. She has worked with several trade and education publishers, including independent authors and publishing houses, on reading for accurate and authentic representation of diversity on a range of topics such as history, geography, PTSD-related conditions, and Chinese diaspora experiences. Eva also offers editing and proofreading services. You can contact her at and find her at

Woolf, Alex

Alex Woolf has written well over 100 works of non-fiction and fiction since 2001, for publishers including Watts, Wayland, Salariya, Raintree, OUP,  Arcturus, Badger Learning, ReadZone, and Fiction Express. His passions are history and science, but he has also written on social issues and politics. Although he specialises in writing for 9–14s, he has written for all ages from 5 to adult. He can adapt to different styles including traditional information, high/low, design-led, humorous, graphic and narrative non-fiction. Alex particularly enjoys quirky topics and his bibliography includes titles on chocolate, asteroids, flying reptiles, and acne. Contact: Website:

Helpful hints (if you’re new to commissioning non-fiction)

  • Be clear about what you want and when you want it by! It really helps not to have the brief changed after we’ve started work. (A job is likely to take longer if that happens.)
  • Do remember that, often, the planning and synopsis constitute the bulk of creative work on any book. So do allow enough time in the schedule for this as well as for writing.
  • If plans change or if, for some other reason, the project turns out to involve more work than was anticipated, do check that we can manage it in the time allotted (and for the fee offered). Bringing in new ideas and material late in the project can be time-consuming.
  • We’re professionals, and we like to get everything right, and presented in the best way we can. If you want to make changes yourself, do check with the author first – their name is on the cover, and it’s their reputation that’s involved.