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London Book Fair 18–20 April 2023

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Lionel Bender writes…

I spent most of the day at the Fair on Tuesday, 18 April. It was very busy. All children’s publishers of NF were upbeat and most said they were open to submissions. Some even have Submissions policies on their websites.

It appears packager Calcium is now publishing most of what it has done before and new stuff under the name of Children’s Books, so I guess that is one place for people to target. The usual suspects were present: Arcturus, Booklife, Miles Kelly, Weldon Owen, Welbeck, Michael O’Mara. And a good number of US publishers said they were open to pitches from UK authors.

On the evening of 19 April, I did my webinar for in the US, Writing Children’s Nonfiction: A Beginner’s Guide.About 150 signed up.

IMG_0520 Photo: © Lionel Bender