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For grown-ups, too

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Ian Graham – whose book ‘Avoid being Sir Isaac Newton!’ Book House) was shortlisted for last year’s ALCS children’s non-fiction prize – has been writing for adults, too. He tells us: ‘My latest book for grown-ups is out – Scarlet Women – 430 pages, 100,000 hand-picked words about the scandalous lives of courtesans, concubines and royal mistresses from the ancient world to the present.

‘Scarlet Women: The Scandalous Lives of  Courtesans, Concubines and Royal Mistresses’ (just out – Thistle Publishing) follows Ian’s ‘The Ultimate Book of Impostors: Over 100 True Stories of the Greatest Phonies and Frauds’ (2013, also Thistle).   (This is the British edition. The US edition will be out at the beginning of 2016 and various foreign editions will follow.)

Shortlist for the Royal Society prize

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Nibweb member Nicola Davies has tweeted:

‘Absolutely delighted that my book is shortlisted for the @royalsociety Young People’s Book Prize 2015  

Her book is ‘Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes’ (Walker Books).


Other contenders include Professor Robert Winston, and 13-year-old Jake McGowan-Lowe, who has produced a book about animal bones.