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London Book Fair 2015

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Well, that was tiring …

Slogging around the London Book fair is always exhausting – but, for authors, as much as publishers, it’s important to see what’s there. With that in mind, several Nibwebbers attended the fair – most who got there, did so on Tuesday 14 April.

After the stifling claustrophobia of the Earl’s Court site, Olympia – with its lovely glass ceiling – was a pleasant change. Many members had useful (and enjoyable) meetings with publishers and potential publishers, but we did agree that there is room – a lot of room – for   children’s non-fiction to take some risks and start to go in new and exciting directions, especially in traditional print. And we’re all here to contribute …

If the recession really is ending, now could be a good time for innovative and challenging ideas.


Photo: Jenny Vaughan